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The NAMTPT does not specifically endorse any particular training program, rather, holds a high standard for its listed  programs. The prospective student is encouraged to contact these programs to see if the style and curriculum is in alignment with what he or she wants to study. Scroll down to review all programs.

Please contact us if you have a school or program and would like to be considered to be listed with us. Other programs will be considered on a case by case basis.

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Mary Biancalana, MA Edu, CMTPT,

LMT, Cert Per Trainer

6304 N. Nagle Ave. Suite 3   Chicago, Illinois


Phone: 773-628-7654

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Our 120 hour curriculum is based on the pioneering work of Dr.'s Janet Travell and David G. Simons, Bonnie Prudden, Dr Leon Chaitow, Carla Stecco, Dr Guimberteau, Dr Gerwin, Claire and Amber Davies, Dr Robert Gerwin, Fernandez De Las Penas, Jan Dommerholt, Dr. Jay P Shah, Dr.Joanne Borg-Stein and many others,  Travell and Simons is brought up to speed by including the most up-to-date, research-based information and clinical reasoning on fascia, muscle pain, trigger points, self-care and the pathochemistry of pain and sensitization.   You will receive expert, dynamic instruction by Mary Biancalana on powerful Trigger Point treatment techniques that are immediately applicable in your own practice. 

We incorporate functional, multi-planar range of motion assessment in our full protocol, to best facilitate normalization of muscle tissue and fascia.

Advanced Trigger Point Seminars are held in a custom-built, 2,000 sq/ft working myofascial pain clinic in Chicago, Illinois, near O'Hare Airport with easy private free parking lot and easy access via car, Uber, Lyft, cab, or public transport to O'Hare,  I-90 and I-294.

 8 Core weekend seminars (14 hrs each) and 4 single day seminars (7 hrs each), are divided by body area and each covers hands-on treatment techniques and smart and easy ways to apply the trigger point clinical reasoning directly into your practice.

A full library of digital videos are accessible only to ATPS students,and support techniques learned in the classes. Learn from an expert with 18 years full-time as a trigger point therapist who is practicing in a successful clinical environment.

Muscle Health and Advanced Trigger Point Seminars is a NCBTMB approved provider of Continuing Education.                                                                                             


Mary Biancalana, MA Edu, CMTPT, LMT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Call our clinic for more info and / or to register for these amazing classes. 773-628-7654



Become a Muscle Detective!

Celisa Ellis MTPT, LMT, and owner of Pro Massage & Chiropractic, brings over 20 years of trigger point experience.

Our classes offer hands on training in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.

In our classes you will learn how to find the source of muscle pain & dysfunction using ROM testing, studying pain patterns, and palpation techniques. We utilize the books written by Dr. Janet Travell and David Simons as well as other Myofascial trigger point publications.

Monthly classes will be offered, focusing on common body pain complaints that you can utilize in your practice right away.  Including posture assessments, and correcting perpetuating factors…If you don’t know what perpetuating factors are, you need to take these classes! We offer 14 classes, each class is 7.5 hours of CE units focusing on 14 common areas of pain and dysfunction.  Total of 105 CE hours and certification as a MTPT.

 Help your clients feel better faster. Gain client confidence as well as your own. Learn how to use your body properly so you can be a therapist as long as you want. Learn to manage your own pain.

For more information and class schedules visit our website or call us at (615)448-6446.

Pro Massage & Chiropractic, 313 B Bluebird Drive, Goodlettsville, TN 37072


Instructor:  Amber Davies - CMTPT, LMT  
Make your body a laboratory for learning! The skills you develop troubleshooting your own pain problems will directly help you solve your clients’ problems. In mastering self-treatment, you discover precisely what works and what doesn't.

Extensive clinical practice time is detailed, supervised, and memorable!  Discover less intense, more effective pain relief that lasts. Better communication methods created to empower but you and your client. This is trigger point therapy your clients will love!

At every turn throughout the workshop, you will be shown safer and more effective techniques that will help keep you out of pain. A special forearm and hand self-treatment session will be included, even in the Lower Body Workshop, to help relieve pain from previous strain. 

New Day Myopain Center LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.  Attendees will earn CE credits for all classes.

Amber Davies - CMTPT, LMT
New Day Myopain Center LLC
1813 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 445-2012




Myopain Seminars Program Introduction

Myopain Seminars was created by Dr. Jan Dommerholt and Dr. Robert Gerwin in the 1990’s. In 2009 Stewart Wild CNMT, CMTPT took over the development and teaching of manual trigger point techniques, as Dommerholt and Gerwin developed the Trigger Point Dry-Needling courses. Stewart has been teaching neuromuscular trigger point therapy since 1998. The Manual Trigger Point Therapy (MTT) program is based in Bethesda MD, and has been taught throughout the USA, Canada, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Manual Trigger Point Therapy (MTT) at a Glance

  • ·       100-hour program
  • ·       170 muscles covered
  • ·       Three, 3-day courses = 9 days total
  • ·       72 hours practical and theory; MTT-1, MTT-2 & MTT-3
  • ·       28 hours of home study theory
  • ·       Completion of both MTT-1 and MTT-2 before registering for MTT-3
  • ·       MTT-1 and MTT-2 can be taken in any order
  • ·       Certification as CMTPT after successful completion of MTT-3

Program Components


  • ·       Course text 1; Nikita Vizniak’s; Muscle Manual
  • ·       Course text 2; Dommmerholt, Huibregts; Myofascial Trigger Points
  • ·       Introductory 90-minute lectures to begin each module
  • ·       Eight online, password protected lectures by Dr. Jan Dommerholt
  • ·       Ten research papers – updated annually
  • ·       Three in-class open book quizzes, each with 20 short answer questions
  • ·       A final 75-question MCQ exam (70% pass rate) on the last day of MTT-3


  • ·       Practical demonstration by instructor, followed by a student trade and reverse trade; a format repeated throughout the courses to include all 170 muscles
  • ·       A mock practical concludes MTT-1 and MTT-2 (two muscles chosen at random)
  • ·       A final practical test-out on four muscles (80% pass rate) on the last day of MTT-3

Contact and Registration

  • ·       See
  • ·      Myopain Seminars 4405 East-West Highway, Suite 404 Bethesda, MD 20814-4535
  • ·      Phone (855) 209-1832



Washington State.


Program Instructor:
Laurie Connolly, OT

The primarily lab courses, where you will be taught specific hands-on techniques that you can apply immediately in your setting. Once you have completed course 1, you are ready to go beyond the basics. In courses 2-5 you will learn specific referral patterns and treatment techniques for individual muscles. You will also learn additional and advanced myofascial release techniques.

These courses are directed at currently licensed professionals working in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage and more. In the primarily lab centered courses, you will be taught specific hands-on techniques and have the opportunity to experience palpating, evaluating and treating myofascial pain.

Specific referral patterns and treatment techniques for individual muscles are covered as well as additional advanced myofascial release techniques. Course 1 The Basics of Myofascial Pain provides a firm foundation in the treatment of myofascial pain as well as information on the current scientific research. Course 2 The Pelvis, Hips and Lower Back expands on postural evaluation and how to correct pelvic distortions. Course 3 The Shoulder, Arm and Upper Back focuses on treatment and eliminating underlying perpetuating factors in the shoulder arm and upper back. Course 4 Head, Neck and Face includes information on treating headaches and face pain as well as intra-oral techniques.

The TMJ/TMD course introduces the whole body approach to treating the jaw and includes information on identifying and treating dysfunction of the upper cervical spine as well as evaluating the difference between myofascial dysfunction and internal derangements and arthritic conditions of the jaw. Either Course 1 or the TMD course must be taken before taking courses 2, 3, and 4.


Myopain Seminars

Maryland. Six Seminars.

Mypopain Seminars

Program Instructors:
Jan Dommerholt, PT, MPS, FAAPM
Robert Gerwin, MD, FAAN

The workshops are designed for licensed healthcare practitioners, including physicians and physician assistants, dentists, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, chiropractors, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

Dry needling

Manual TrP therapy

Canine TrP Therapy

Orofacial Dry Needling


Learn Bodywork That Works

Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB) grew out of Chuck Duff’s frustration in the late 1990s with the absence of anatomical knowledge and clinical depth in his traditional Thai massage training. Early in his bodywork career, he found that his traditional training had not prepared him to help his many clients with serious pain. Trigger points proved to be the missing element.

Chuck met and studied with Claire Davies, author of the Trigger Point Workbook, in 2002 and soon realized that the Travell & Simons system of myofascial trigger points added a critical piece for understanding and resolving pain conditions at their origins. Chuck taught the first CTB course in 2005, incorporating his in-depth study of Travell & Simons, asian medicine, sports and osteopathic techniques, and functional analysis of the traditional poses — a process that took many years. A key early collaborator in the development of CTB was Mary Biancalana of Advanced Trigger Point Seminars.

Steeped in the movement disciplines of yoga, Thai bodywork and martial arts, Chuck’s CTB approach incorporates sophisticated integration of joint motion with compression and is highly effective at resolving pain. Thai Bodywork offers a full CTB certification program consisting of more than 500 hours of in-person and online  courses in addition to a practical apprenticeship component structured as 7 individual body area certifications

Click here to go to the Thai Bodywork website

Areas of focus include state of the art trigger point theory and practice, functional anatomy, MET, thorough analysis of satellite referral, and a deep repertoire of highly efficient techniques that preserve the therapist’s body. Students emerge with a professional level trigger point education, an incisive method of analysis and treatment design and a sustainable practice that they can maintain for a lifetime.

Chuck Duff, Thai Bodywork School

537 Custer Ave. Suite 5

Evanston, IL 60202





MYO Trigger Point Seminars, Chicago

Twelve (12) 14-hour weekends (1 weekend per month for 12 months), the completed series is 165 CEUs

Myo Seminar Series Website

Program Instructor:
Sharon Sauer, CMTPT, LMT

The MYO Trigger Point Seminars provide practical, hands-on instruction covering specific myofascial trigger point technique as developed by Sharon Sauer and Mary Biancalana. Weekend topics include the 10 major areas of the body, plus comprehensive sessions on Fibromyalgia, Acute & Sports Injuries, and Business. 168 hours total. Assessment for and Remediation of Perpetuating factors is emphasized. MYO has developed unique area-specific self-care protocols for the entire body. These protocols are made available to students to use in their own practice as hand-outs. Students include Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, DCs, DO's , PT's and more. The course prepares students for the NAMTPT Certification exam. Pre-requisites: Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Health care Provider.


Program Instructors:
Drs. Rob Beenker
Hanneke Heij, LMT
Drs. Hannah Bouma, LMT

 Tilly Slangen, LMT
Clifton Tjien A Fat, LMT

The Academy for Trigger Point Coaching provides practical, dynamic, hands-on instruction covering the myofascial trigger point techniques as described in Clair and Amber Davies’ Trigger Point Therapy Workbook as well as a number of additional techniques. You may attend if you are a licensed massage therapist, sports masseur, physiotherapist, general practitioner of approved by the instructors.

Currently the academy offers three two-day modules, a licensing program and a number of one day specialized trainings. These trainings cover Frozen Shoulder, Upper Crossed Syndrome, Head Aches, Impingement and others. You may reach the level of Triggerpointcoach® in no less than a year and no more than 3 years, depending on when you wish to go on to the next training.

In module 1 you will start finding your own trigger points before you will work on fellow students. Module two deals with a variety of relatively easy to treat myofascial problems. After having taken the test of module 2 successfully, you may take your place on the practitioners page. If you want to retain that place, you will enroll in our licensing program, after which you may attend module 3. Here we teach more complex myofascial cases, including specific coaching techniques, designed to help you support your clients’ self-reliance.


Beyond Trigger Points Seminars

Beyond Trigger Points Website

Program Instructor:  Cathy Cohen, LMT, CMTPT

Cathy Cohen, LMT is a National and Florida approved CEU Provider and Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist.  She provides live and online advanced massage therapy continuing education for massage therapists.  Her leading-edge educational program,, is a resource used by therapists and healthcare providers nationwide.  Cathy has personally trained over 2,500 therapists in advanced Trigger Point Therapy protocols. Cathy is also an avid dancer in Ballroom, Latin, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango, a long-term Yoga enthusiast, and an experienced meditation practitioner.

Cathy developed the in-depth, hands-on Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars to provide therapists with the best possible advanced training.  These four in-depth core units combine profound knowledge, paced learning, personal guidance and hands-on practice designed to prepare serious students for the National Certification Exam for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. In addition to giving students a firm foundation, she offers specialized advanced protocols for identifying and addressing the postural and behavioral conditions that perpetuate clients’ dysfunctions. testimonials and endorsements

Her unique 3 ½ day Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars format provides three-courses-in-one for her students where they can earn up to 25 CEU hours:

1.  Students get hands-on advanced training in Trigger Point Therapy with abundant personal guidance and individual attention from Cathy over three and a half days of carefully-paced learning

2.  Students receive thorough training and practice in essential Therapist Self-Care protocols

3.  After the in-person, hands-on Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar, students receive six weeks of online multimedia follow-up to ensure retention and integration of the new knowledge and skills – and to help them prepare for the National Certification Exam. 

With her 30 years experience teaching and motivating patients and students in clinical, classroom and online settings, Cathy is deeply dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives, and to assisting therapists in caring for their own bodies as they treat others. She looks forward to helping you “Go Beyond” routine massage therapy, and develop your own advanced skills as a true health care professional.

Cathy Cohen, LMT, CMTPT

Fort Myers, Florida



Valerie DeLaune, LAc

Author of :"Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help" (CD ROM format, 2004)

"Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches and Migraines" (2008)
"Trigger Point Therapy for Foot, Ankle, Knee & Leg Pain" (2010)
"Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help" (book format, out 2011)
"Trigger Point Therapy for Elbow, Lower Arm, Wrist, & Hand pain" (out 2012)

Alaskan Natural Care, Inc. / Institute of Trigger Point Studies
(907) 435-7060

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